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Since shortly after Dansville was founded, our community has had places of worship. In 1809, St. Paul's Lutheran Church was the first to be established. Since then, many faith based organizations & places of worship have become a part of the Dansville area.



Places of Worship in Our Area:


Dansville Foursquare Church:    40 West Ave, Dansville     335-7707

Dansville Presbyterian Church:    3 School St, Dansville     335-5363

Free Methodist Church:    23 Franklin St, Dansville     335-3898

Grace Baptist Church:    9316 Main St, Dansville     335-6190

Kingdom Hall Jehovah's Witness:    349 Main St, Dansville     335-7680

New Bread Ministries:    6 West Liberty St. Dansville     335-8450

Ossian Hill Presbyterian Church:    4817 Ossian Hill Rd., Dansville     335-7099

Revival Tabernacle:    9319 Main St., Dansville     335-9850

Scottsburg United Methodist:    7331 Rt. 256, Scottsburg     335-8418

Sparta Center United Methodist:    8455 Sparta Center Rd., Dansville     335-2091

St. Mary's Church:    40 Elizabeth St., Dansville     335-2700

St. Paul's Lutheran Church:    21 Clara Barton St., Dansville     335-5260

St. Peter's Episcopal Church:    25 Clara Barton St., Dansville     335-5434

United Methodist Church:    5 Chestnut Ave., Dansville     335-5354

Valley View Christian Fellowship:    9319 Main St., Dansville     335-9850


West Sparta United Methodist:    4287 Redmond Rd., Dansville     335-8030