Let's Celebrate Dansville & Small Business Saturday Together!


November 28th is Small Business Saturday! It's the day after Black Friday and just before Cyber Monday giving you the chance to shop locally and dramatically impact our local community.




Why Shop Locally?

• Your local businesses give back more to the community.
• More of your dollars stay in the community.
• More jobs stay in the community.
• You can find so much of what you need locally.
• You develop relationships locally.
• You can find affordable prices in our community.


Did you know?

• For every $1 spent at local businesses, 45¢ is reinvested locally. Non-local purchases keep, at most, 15¢ in      your local community.
• Local businesses value, respect and appreciate your patronage.
• More tax dollars go to schools and roads in your community.


Join the movement! Take the pledge to show your support: “I pledge to THINK first of my local economy, SHOP first at my local businesses, and BUY first from local companies who give back so much, in so many ways, to my community.”


 Where To Shop?

Check out our Chamber Membership Listing that will link you to web pages for each member.  You can also view our Business Directory that provides a listing of all the businesses in the Dansville area, separated by categories.



We are currently working with our local businesses to create the sales and specials that will be occuring this year.  Please check back for details!




Are you a small business owner that's interested in particpating in Small Business Saturday?

Check out our resources available just for you!