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Motorcycle hillclimbing is a motorsport that has taken place in Dansville since 1996. Cyclists from across the country come to Dansville to conquer the Poag's Hole Hill. At the Poag's Hole Hillclimb, motorcyclists are often riding modified bikes and striving to reach the top of a 500 foot vertical hill set at an 80 degree angle. The hillclimb is a national event, even gaining the interest and coverage from ESPN and a wide variety of sporting venues.

Hillclimb racing has captivated both riders and fans since motorcycle competition began. The machines and riders have evolved over time, but the challenge of being quickest is still the greatest challenge. That, and the mountain that they face. Poags Hole is a professional motorcycle hillclimb which features 10 ft. long, 300 horsepower nitro-methane powered motorcycles along with regular-sized bikes competing side-by-side to conquer the climb.


Poags Hole Hillclimb is promoted as a festival and family / community oriented event.


The 2013 Hillclimb EventDansville_-_Poags_Hole_Hillclimb_2013_poster.jpg

Sunday, August 18th - Gates open at 9 am / Races begin at 12:30 pm
10401 Poag's Hole Rd., Dansville


COST: $15 admission / Free - 10 years old and under
Parking = $5


About the Event:

Food and merchandise vendors are onsite. Vendors include: Funnel Cakes, Curley Fries, BBQ Beef/ Pork, Wraps - Chicken / Veggie, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Hots/Hamburgers/Sausage, Red Osier Roast Beef Sandwiches, Abbotts Frozen Custard, Jerky, Kettle Corn, Home Brewed Sodas, Gear Event T-Shirts, Arkport Cycles, Poags Hole Souvenirs, Biker Leather / Apparel,
Tourism, Jewelry, Head Wraps, Helmets, Henna Tattoos, Sunglasses and more.



Poags Hole Hillclimb in the News


"Poags Hole Hillclimb tests the best"
Challengers from across the country took on the toughest hill in the sport for the 16th annual Poags Hole Hillclimb.
Aug 23 2012


"A string of shots from Poags Hole 2012"
Poags Hole Hillclimb 2012 was another exciting year, and here's the proof.
Aug 23 2012

"To do this weekend: Poags Hole Hillclimb "
Now in its 16th year, contenders will come from as far as California and Canada to take on the toughest hill in the sport – at 500 feet tall and at an 80-degree angle.
Aug 16, 2012


"Lasting impression: Riders call Poags Hole 'hardest to climb' on East"
The phrase “king of the hill” took on a whole new meaning Sunday at the 15th annual running of the Poags Hole Hillclimb.
Aug 22, 2011


"AMA Pro Hillclimb News - Waddell Wins Big at Poags Hole Hillclimb"
John Koester took the win in his first Pro Sport appearance, making hillclimb history by being the first Pro Sporter ever to crest Poags Hole.
Aug 21, 2010