Dansville: The Town & Village


Dansville is comprised of two local governments that oversee two different geographic areas of Dansville: the town of Dansville and the Village of Dansville.  Below is some information about both.  For more details, please click on each to be taken directly to their website.


The Village of Dansville

Dansville is a village in the town of North Dansville, with a small northern part in the town of Sparta in the eastern part of Livingston County.


Village of Dansville Offices:

North Dansville Town Hall
14 Clara Barton Street
Dansville, NY 14437

Phone: 585-335-5330


Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8am - 5 pm

Village of Dansville Officials:
Mayor - Peter Vogt
Trustee - Richard Whitenack
Trustee - Patricia Kreiley
Trustee - Jay Griffith
Trustee - Richard LeBar




The Town of Dansville

The town was formed in 1796 and is one of the oldest towns in Steuben County.  However, the town was not officially settled until around 1804 by Daniel Faulkner.  In 1822, part of the town including the Village of Dansville was annexed to the Town of Sparta in Livingston County.

Town of Dansville Offices:

1487 Day Road
Arkport, NY 14807

Phone: 607-295-7223
Fax: 607-295-8224